The beginning of a new year is always the perfect moment to take time and reflect on all the things that occurred in the previous year and set objectives for the current year.

The mindset of the OSMR Team is that of continuous improvement, so as we take a look at 2022 and browse through the major achievements – new version of the system’s roll-out under OSMR’s coordination: NMVS Release –  Core 1.10 ,  Cooperation Agreement  signed between OSMR and the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Romania, Alert Manager Application connected to the EU AMS Hub and active participation of OSMR Team in identifying and solving technical issues during the Pilot Phase, NMVS Alerts’ Guide  published, we keep in mind that there is always room for improvement.

Thus, as we have successfully achieved our mission once again, that of ensuring a functional and secure National Medicines Verification System (NMVS), complying with the European Directive 2011/62/EU and the Delegated Regulation 2016/161, we are ready to continue the hard work and focus on enhancing alert reduction and ensuring a growth in the decommissioning rate registered in the NMVS.

We would like to share with you the yearly graphic which illustrates the 2022 activity in the NMVS, meaning the total number of transactions performed by the End-Users and the alerts that have been generated in the system.

pic2022 EN

We are extremely grateful to all the stakeholders in this project for their excellent cooperation, incredible effort and commitment and for their engagement in ensuring patients’ access to safe medicines.