On February 19th, 2020, the event „Patient Safety through Medicines Safety” took place, thus marking one year since the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) became operational in Romania.
„The impact of falsified medicines on public health is a significant one, and for Romania, the strengthening of the quality verification system is extremely important considering for example the recent withdrawl of medicines from the market or the aging population phenomenon and the growth of medicines’ and medical products’ demand, from this perspective. We come up with practical solutions to ensure that the patient receives a product for which a company assumes responsibility for its authenticity, a product that is not falsified”, declared Laurențiu Mihai, General Manager OSMR.
The first year of implementation did not lack challenges, the companies requiring acquisitions of new IT systems, updated processes and procedures, training of personnel. Currently, the percentage of false alerts generated by the NMVS is 0.3% below the European average. The target envisioned at European level is 0.05% of the total transactions generated, so that the system is considered to have reached maturity.
However, all this is an inherent part of the stabilization period, the aim being to identify the most effective solutions via an open dialogue between all the actors involved, both at European and at national level.

Please find below the OSMR presentation: