The series of short summaries related to the activity carried out by our team: Spotlight on the OSMR Team, continues with our colleague: Alexandru Neagu, IT Manager and Alert Flow Architect.

Alex has been involved in the serialisation project since the beginning of 2018, providing IT logistical support and assistance on technical issues.

Gradually, Alex started to become more and more involved in managing the alerts raised by the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) and succeeded in creating a workflow, that is constantly updated and improved, for analysing the alerts and identifying their root cause. His extremely hard work made it possible to minimize the large number of L5 alerts that are generated by the NMVS.

Furthermore, he set the basis for an active communication with the stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of the correct scanner and software configuration, as well as the accuracy and quality of the data uploaded to the European Hub.

Alex is consistently raising the bar with his unrelentless effort in minimizing the number of alerts raised in the system, succeeding thus in placing Romania among the countries in Europe that have managed to achieve the objective set for reaching an alert rate of less than 0,05%.

Starting with 2020, Alex also joined the team consolidated at European level which manages the Alert Management System (AMS) project. The objective of this initiative is to support EMVS (European Medicines Verification System) users – OBPs, MAHs, NMVOs and End-Users – to follow-up on alert investigations.

We would like to acknowledge Alex’s outstanding performance and genuine engagement which contribute to the overall work ethic and dedication within our organization!

Below you can find the overview of the main steps for managing the alerts generated by the NMVS and the importance of the Alert Manager Application within the entire process.

Alex EN