The End-Users registration process for NMVS access, according to the OSMR working procedures, is run as follows:
1. The software company serving the End-User, notifies the respective entity to OSMR via the OSMR SIMI System – Registering and Incident Management System;
2. The End-User is notified by OSMR to start the registration process;
3. The person nominated as End-User Administrator receives notifications, mandatory procedural and technical documents regarding the access and use of NMVS, uploads the documents, defines End-Users locations and the Technical Connection Points (TCP);
4. Each End-User location is tested in the IQE environment;
5. After being validated by OSMR, the End-User account is created in the PROD environment (which will be used after February 9th, 2019 as well).
Procedural and technical requirements for the End-User – as per the OSMR mandatory procedural and technical documentation (to be received in detailed format during the registration process):
Required Human Resources (exclusive allocation for this activity is not required):
– 1 End-User Administrator per End-User;
– 1 Responsible Person per End-User location;
– 1 IT Responsible per End-User location.
Required Material Resources:
– IT terminals (TCP – Technical Connection Point, for connecting via the local software application, or any other type of terminal, compatible for accessing the NMVS Web GUI – graphic user interface) where the End-Users location credentials are installed;
– Scanner(s) that decode(s) two-dimensional Data Matrix code;
– Internet connectivity (direct TCP or through direct local server);
– Valid codes allocated according to the EAN Location Code (GLN, protected denomination – Global Location Number) accredited according to ISO 6523 – Information Technology – Structures for identifying organizations and parts of the organization. These are used for the unitary identification and implicit allocation of: Central Headquarter, its corresponding End-Users locations and TCP, according to the NMVS usage rules. The codes can be obtained from any non-profit entity licensed and affiliated to the GS1 AISBL, registered in Belgium, Avenue Louise 326, box 10, 1050 Brussels (Enterprise number: 419.640.608).