Protecting patients’ safety by guaranteeing access to authentic medicines is the fundamental objective of each National Medicines Verification Organisation (NMVO). Thus, maintaining a functional and robust medicines verification system across Europe through continuous improvement is a priority for all NMVOs.

OSMR has been involved in the European Working Groups since their establishment, understanding the importance of a collaborative working environment.

Such Working Groups are the ones testing the system’s new releases. For the latest National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) new versions deployment: NMVS Core – 1.09 & Reporting Tool – 1.06, three testing phases have been executed.

Firstly, the joint User Acceptance Test (jUAT) where the latest software versions of NMVS Core & Reporting Tool are tested for compliance. For the NMVS Core 1.09 & Reporting Tool 1.06 Release there were 6 NMVOs involved: Latvia, Romania (Dan Vișoiu – Test Engineer and Elena Georgescu – QA Representative), Hungary, Portugal, The Netherlands and Germany.

During this testing phase (12.07 – 30.07.2021), two initial application versions were rejected due to major defects and the 3rd application release was accepted after fixing and retesting the initial defects.

Furthermore, there were 2 pilot countries where the 1.09 Release has been installed and tested for the jUAT Group – Romania and the Netherlands.

Secondly, there is the Inter-Operability Testing (IOT) which focuses on testing and validating the inter-operability between EMVO, the Arvato Ecosystem and the Solidsoft (SSR) Ecosystem. For this second testing phase (24.08 – 03.09.2021) coordinated by the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO), the following NMVOs were involved: Latvia, Romania (Dan Vișoiu – Test Engineer), Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria.

After running the tests and completing the validation, the application was admitted for implementation in the Production Environment.

The 2 pilot countries where the 1.09 Release has been installed and tested for the IOT Group – Romania and Germany.

Lastly, the final stage of the acceptance process for the NMVS Core 1.09 Release was the local testing (NMVS Core 1.09 – 08.11-09.11.2021 & Reporting Tool 1.06 – 06.10-11.10.2021) where 6 more defects were identified, fixed and retested.

For this last testing phase Romania was the country that volunteered to perform the tests and it was represented by Mihai Păduraru – Test Engineer, member of the OSMR Team.

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